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Version: s5

Implementation recommendations


As touched on in previous sections, due to the strongly typed nature of GraphQL there are a number of different tools that can be used to assist developers increasing delivery speed and decreasing bugs.

GraphQL IDEs

As you may have seen throughout this documentation, GraphQL IDEs are a very powerful tool when building queries with both auto-complete and validation tools. We Strongly recommend using one when building queries.

GraphQL Clients

GraphQL clients that provide features such as caching, generated types and much more.

For those working in Javascript or Typescript, Apollo offer a React / React native library.

For those building native mobile applications we recommend Apollo Client Android and Apollo Client iOS respectively.

Furthermore for those working in other languages there is a number of community integrations for other popular frameworks.

GraphQL Code generators

A number of code generators also exist to greatly increase delivery speed by auto generating object structure specific code. Again there are many different projects depending on your programming language of choice, however for those working in Typescript we strongly recommend GraphQL Code Generator.