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The Sanctuary Health API serves JSON data via a GraphQL implementation, allowing tailored queries to deeply fetch the desired data and allowing for implementation relying on a minimal number of separate queries.

Integration strategies

Sanctuary Health gives two models for integrating content, "File" integrations and "API" integrations. This documentation covers "API" integrations. Full integration strategies depend on the customization required, this is fully covered here.

API features


About GraphQL

GraphQL is a strongly typed hierarchical query language for APIs that supports accessing associations and provides a complete description of the data available (that can be queried via introspection).

Why use GraphQL

The features of GraphQL gives developers maximum flexibility to fetch the data they need. Due to being strongly typed and hierarchical in nature, developers can know the data structure returned for any given query making integrations intuitive. By specifying the fields desired and being able to access nested associated data, there is no data over-fetching and all data can be fetched in one query, in one round trip. Finally due to GraphQL supporting introspection and being strongly typed a number of code generation tools can be used to maximize implementation velocity.

Query caching

Sanctuary Health leverages Redis to implement client specific API query level caching. This ensures that API integration clients can expect blazing fast performance whenever querying the Sanctuary Health API, further simplifying integrations as less optimization is required. Furthermore, via tracking how any content or library changes affect clients, Sanctuary Health invalidates caches when and only when the output changes, this ensures maximum performance and realtime updates.

Realtime media white labeling

Sanctuary Health prioritizes performance and customization. With API integrations you can expect all content to be served from a industry leading CDN and white labeled in real time to ensure end users have fantastic performance and engage with your brand.

Automatic content narrowing

To minimize developer difficulty and frustration, automatic content narrowing is built into the Sanctuary Health API. This ensure that whenever any data request is made via the API, it is automatically limited to the scope of the client making the request. This ensures no developers have to specify what content they are entitled to access to, contend with permissions errors or worry about if content is properly licensed to them.

Powerful query tailoring

The Sanctuary Health API provides functionality to tailor queries to return exactly the data desired. As previously mentioned via GraphQL it is possibly to specify the required attributes however all data queries also support limit, offset, order, group, where and includes. This allows total control over what fields of what data is returned placing all the power into developers hands.


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