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Version: s5


Card Pack details (language specific)

type CardPackDetails {
id: String!
language: Language!
title: String!
description: String!
keywords: [String!]
learningOutcome: String
createdAt: DateTimeISO!
updatedAt: DateTimeISO!
deletedAt: DateTimeISO
cardPackId: String!
cardPack: Card!
where: CardWhere
limit: Int
offset: Int
): [Card!]!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

UUID of card pack details

CardPackDetails.language ● Language! non-null enum

Language of card pack details

CardPackDetails.title ● String! non-null scalar

Title for the card pack

CardPackDetails.description ● String! non-null scalar

Description for the card pack

CardPackDetails.keywords ● [String!] list scalar

Keywords for the card pack

CardPackDetails.learningOutcome ● String scalar

Learning outcome for the card pack

CardPackDetails.createdAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Creation time given as the ISO Date string

CardPackDetails.updatedAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Last update time given as the ISO Date string

CardPackDetails.deletedAt ● DateTimeISO scalar

Soft delete time given as the ISO Date string

CardPackDetails.cardPackId ● String! non-null scalar

Crd pack id

CardPackDetails.cardPack ● Card! non-null object

Card pack ● [Card!]! non-null object

Cards for card pack ● CardWhere input ● Int scalar

Corresponds to the maximum number of items returned. Can be used in conjunction with “Offset” and “Order” to implement pagination. ● Int scalar

Corresponds to the number of items skipped before the first returned result. Can be used in conjunction with “Limit” and “Order” to implement pagination.

Returned by

getCardPackDetails query

Member of

Card object ● CardPack object