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Version: s5


Course details (language invariant)

type CourseDetails {
id: String!
language: Language!
title: String!
description: String!
keywords: [String!]
learningOutcome: String
createdAt: DateTimeISO!
updatedAt: DateTimeISO!
deletedAt: DateTimeISO
courseId: String!
course: Course!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

UUID of course details

CourseDetails.language ● Language! non-null enum

Language of course details

CourseDetails.title ● String! non-null scalar

Title for the course

CourseDetails.description ● String! non-null scalar

Description for the course

CourseDetails.keywords ● [String!] list scalar

Keywords for the course

CourseDetails.learningOutcome ● String scalar

Learning outcome for the course

CourseDetails.createdAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Creation time given as the ISO Date string

CourseDetails.updatedAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Last update time given as the ISO Date string

CourseDetails.deletedAt ● DateTimeISO scalar

Soft delete time given as the ISO Date string

CourseDetails.courseId ● String! non-null scalar

Course id

CourseDetails.course ● Course! non-null object


Returned by

getCourseDetails query

Member of

Course object