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Version: s5


Recipe (language invariant)

type Recipe {
id: String!
universalTitle: String!
contentValue: Int!
category: [Category!]!
topic: [ContentTopic!]!
tags: [RecipeTag!]!
calories: Int!
servings: Int!
approximateTime: Int!
createdAt: DateTimeISO!
updatedAt: DateTimeISO!
deletedAt: DateTimeISO
where: RecipeDetailsWhere
limit: Int
offset: Int
): [RecipeDetails!]!
photo: File!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

UUID of recipe

Recipe.universalTitle ● String! non-null scalar

Universal title of recipe

Recipe.contentValue ● Int! non-null scalar

Content value of recipe

Recipe.category ● [Category!]! non-null enum

List of categories recipe is included in

Recipe.topic ● [ContentTopic!]! non-null enum

Topic of the recipe

Recipe.tags ● [RecipeTag!]! non-null enum

Tags of recipe

Recipe.calories ● Int! non-null scalar

Approximate calorie count per serving of prepared food

Recipe.servings ● Int! non-null scalar

Expected servings for recipe

Recipe.approximateTime ● Int! non-null scalar

Approximate preparation time for recipe given in minutes

Recipe.createdAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Creation time given as the ISO Date string

Recipe.updatedAt ● DateTimeISO! non-null scalar

Last update time given as the ISO Date string

Recipe.deletedAt ● DateTimeISO scalar

Soft delete time given as the ISO Date string

Recipe.recipeDetailsList ● [RecipeDetails!]! non-null object

Recipes of the recipe

Recipe.recipeDetailsList.where ● RecipeDetailsWhere input
Recipe.recipeDetailsList.limit ● Int scalar

Corresponds to the maximum number of items returned. Can be used in conjunction with “Offset” and “Order” to implement pagination.

Recipe.recipeDetailsList.offset ● Int scalar

Corresponds to the number of items skipped before the first returned result. Can be used in conjunction with “Limit” and “Order” to implement pagination. ● File! non-null object

Photo for article

Returned by

getRecipes query

Member of

RecipeDetails object