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Version: v4



Before jumping into examples it is worthwhile briefly mentioning the data architecture of the Sanctuary Health API so everything else makes sense.

Three types of content

Sanctuary Health provides three types of content, these are:

  • Post used to represent standalone content
  • Series used to represent a collection of episodic content
  • Recipe used to represent culinary recipe content

Depending on the exact content in your organization's Library it is possible that one or more of these types can be ignored for your integration as no content of that type is selected or desired

Parent child relationship

To facilitate multi language support each of these three types of content follow a Parent - Child relationship, where the Parent can contain many Children. Parent objects contain language invariant data and the Children objects contain language specific data. All Children of a Parent are different language translations of the same content.


A complete description of each, including associated data, is available in the reference section