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Version: v4

Sequelize Query info


The SequelizeQuery argument can be used to specify content selections on queries providing limit, offset, order, group,where and include parameters. As its name implies, it follows the same syntax and implementation as Sequelize ORM

Limit & Offset

FieldDescriptionDocumentation link
limitLimit results to this number of items
offsetStart results after this number of items

Ordering & Grouping

FieldDescriptionDocumentation link
orderOrder results
groupGroup results

Where & Includes

FieldDescriptionDocumentation link
whereConditionally include results
includesConditionally eagerly fetch associated results

Supported operators

The following operators are supported for advanced where or includes settings

$gtGreater than
$gteGreater than or equal to
$ltLess than
$lteLess than or equal to
$overlapDatabase array and provided array have values that overlap (in common)
$containsDatabase array contains provided element or array
$likeCase sensitive pattern matching
$iLikeCase insensitive pattern matching
$notLikeCase sensitive exclusive pattern matching
$notILikeCase insensitive exclusive pattern matching

Advanced reading

Operator operation building

Due to the requirement for escape characters becoming very fiddly at larger scales it is advised that you write your advanced where queries as javascript objects and double stringify them to get the escape characters. You can also use the tool below to do this for you.

Operator example

This example searches for posts that have start the day anywhere in either the title or description (Where section) and who's post parent includes one of the specified meditation categories (Includes section).